Where to begin.. 

A society without emotion.. Picture that! Someone stepped on you and they don’t say sorry…. But then again why would they… They have no emotion so he or she didn’t realise they hurt your last so and you wouldn’t notice it because heck! You didnt feel a thing…. You have no emotion…. Oh I can picture that. 

I can picture a society without hooligans walking around making out and holding hands…. Some even having coitus in our yards… Oh I can picture that…. I would like that… Because guess what… A society without emotions means a society without petty feelings… And without petty feelings…. No blossoming affairs…. No couples…. No engagements no wedding. 

It gets worse.. One someone dies no mourning because….. Why the need to mourn? And since no mourning is required no burials…. Picture this…. No war.. Ever. Because wars happen because if disputes, hate name it… All emotionally based.. So since its an emotionless existing society…. Where would there be a war? 

So in a sense it would be a peaceful society.. But then again how would you feel the peace if you’re incapable of feelings.. In this movie, I guy committed suicide and those brats felt nothing… Imagine…. Someone committed suicide and you were not empathetic. 

Oh and that guy committed suicide because he had SOS.. That’s Switched On Syndrome. Make no mistake that’s code for emotions lol 😂😂😂…it is funny because… I can picture it… All you people who get emotional out there lol…. Diagnosed with this catastrophic disease and like in the movie… It comes in stages. 

Stage 1 you start to feel stuff… You know like the taste of food… And experience nightmares at night… Stage 2…..you start romantic emotions towards The opposite sex lol in stage 3…there you start having suicidal thoughts…. So stage 4 is gosh… Almost everything you feel haha… And when you get to stage for its incurable…. Like cancer. So they consider killing you… 

This movie…. Made me appreciate emotions lol. Because I wouldn’t to live in a society like that. God no!  I would want to get mad when I wake and found these idiots finished coffee for me… I wanna rage when you say something Ill about a book I love.. I want to crush over a silly boy…. And have thoughts of gutting him when he becomes a Jerk ass..(kidding)…. See.. And I wanna say kidding and people understand that I am… 

Think about it!  You never really appreciate the existence of emotions right?  Watch Equals. 

*seeps coffee *

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