So Lately I don’t just believe stuff,  I ravel and unravel until there’s  zero vicinity. Sceptical much? Yes, No, Maybe!!! 

I just can’t do it anymore ! I just cant seem to. I’ve always been this way though… Since I was little but I got judged too much I just conformed. 

See! It’s easy to Conform. Society has mastered the art of making sure that we all stay fooled… And for others “stay true to the norm”. But don’t you just question stuff??  Try and understand things?  I know I do and most of if makes no sense at all. 

I have an addiction for proof….. Precise reason for me to truly believe and accept a norm. I need evidence and that’s where my problem comes in because most of the stuff this world is built on is all vague. Heresay, illusion, and sometimes naivity . 

So I’m I wrong to be sceptical? Maybe, in your eyes of course!! But does it even matter? 

I think we have been fooled this whole Time, well at least  for the 23years I’ve lived this life. Like when my history teacher told me all these colonialism stories and how  we so unequippedly fought for our independence yet that was just a way for the West to continue manipulating and using us to remain great!! 

Or how God hasn’t talked to anyone else for over 2000 years ago. (And please don’t tell me he came to you in a dream or vision).  Or how the government will assure us that we have freedom of speech and expression yet they’ll tap our phones and computers. 

If the Maji maji people were sceptical they wouldn’t just go into a war blindly believing that the bullets would turn into water,  Just saying! A lot of things would never have changed in Africa if the people didn’t so blindly accept and conform to the ways of the west. 

A little scepticism goes a long way.  ladies try it then maybe you won’t so foolishly believe that he’s going to leave his wife for you.  Guys, try it then you won’t just let her go for a  sleep over at her Uncle Jack’s place 😁

I’m just saying,, question stuff !!! ✌

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