A street boy steals a Bible from a woman, 

Gets 10 years in jail

A ruthless fathers rapes his daughter, 

Gets 3 years at most

Makes you wonder!!! 


A man cheats on his girlfriend of 5 years with too many women

He can’t even remember their names

And society justifies his actions with the claim that unwarranted 

It’s “kawaida for a man” claim

The woman finds out that the guy hasn’t been faithful, 

Out of frustration sleeps with a random guy, 

Guy finds out…. Is furious… Brands the woman 

“slut” “whore” “ungrateful bitch”


Man walks out on his pregnant girl friend, 

Girlfriend becomes a single mother,  graciously and devotionally commiting her everything ,

For the sake of her child,  to give her baby a life she deserves, 

Society brands the single mother as  A desperate whore out to get their husbands


A campus girl works her ass off trying to achieve the highest class 

Another girl goes out in skimpy dresses every day, undresses for the lectures and automatically gets the highest class


A husband batters his wife, 

Nothing unusual about that. 

The wife retaliates and the whole world is against her for not being a submissive wife


She’s unhappy, decides she needs a new start 

The world around her declares her a selfish cunt 


So let’s talk about the word 


Between the two culprits, 

Who deserves 10 years imprisonment, 

Or brutal branding by the society

Let’s talk about that word 


In fact, 

Let’s talk about who decides what I deserve 

Heck the society won’t let me decide that for myself 😐

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