Matatu Joys

Don’t you just love how easy people lie in a matatu. It’s fun to listen to them ramble on on and on about how far they are yet that’s not the case. The best of all however the best scenario is when the liar gets busted. That was the case in my matatu today.


So her phone rings, the lady seated next to me. She bites her lower lip, That’s how you know they are about to lie. First of all her ring tone was disturbingly loud, and so was her call volume. I literary heard the conversation both ways which made it even more fun for me.

“I just rang to remind you of our eight o’clock appointment this morning,”said the guy on the other line, Lets call him Victor, as the matatu sped into town.

“Oh, Victor!” exclaims the lady, lets call her Wendy. “I’m so glad you rang. I’d just asked my sister to ring you and give you my apologies. Sorry we can’t meet today. I’ve just been called to Uganda by my business partners and I’m at the airport right now, waiting to catch the next plane. We’ll meet when I get back. I’ll be only a few days.”

At this point we are all looking at each other in the matatu trying so hard not to laugh. The man seated in front of us kept nodding his head which made the whole trying not to laugh thing so difficult for me. Moving forward……

“That’s okay,” replied Victor. “We can reschedule the meeting. Please call me when you get back.”

Just then, the matatu stopped at a bus stop and Wendy decides to get off there. So is another guy seated in the front seat, driver’s chamber. Wendy tries to ease her way out of the seat. All of a sudden Wendy sighs so hard we all look at her. That’s when we hear a guy tell her, “Well, have a nice flight to Uganda, Wendy,” Looking straight into her eyes.

She’s completely and utterly speechless. for a few seconds, she couldn’t even move. Meanwhile, the whole matatu was bursting in laughter. At this point I couldn’t help myself. I laughed so hard I cried.

Victor walks away, Wendy doesn’t get out of the matatu, the driver speeds off. Wendy looked like she’d been electrocuted. It was the most hilarious scenario, PRICELESS.

So I’m there wondering at this point, why she felt the need to lie, what was it that made her go through such a taunting morning. I bet she’s lost her job if that was her boss, or lost a deal, tender, after that I doubt Victor will want to do whatever with her.

Dear Wendy, so sorry for what you had to go through, next time, you might wanna try lying better lol. Anyway, Dear thank you for making my day 🙂

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