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36c67cf603670d027a5a2ed3b04f81a6There was a random discussion about Patriotism at my place of work today. One of my colleagues was trying to explain to us how some of our leaders are not patriotic. I have been told time and again that my brain goes wild and chews deep on information till its out of control:-) Basically I tend to over think. Today is one of those days.

So I’m thinking, Patriots love their countries and they are proud of them. Somehow, they are supposed to know a lot about their countries. But for the outsider it can be a little tricky don’t you think? In Africa, for example, how would you explain that Benin City is not in Benin but in Nigeria, or that Nigerians and Nigeriens come from different countries?

When it comes to the Congolese, will they have to tell us whether they are patriotic in Brazzaville or in Kinshasa? As for the Guineans, I wonder whether they come from Bissau, Conakry or Equitorial Guinea, or even from Papua New Guinea across the Pacific.

Talking of Guineas, I wonder what guinea pigs and guinea fowls have got to do with all this?!

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