Box Of Chocolates

5-1024x513Life is like a box of chocolate. you never know what you’re gonna get~ Forrest Gump

It is, isn’t it? All but a box of chocolate,

Different stuff, different experiences, different phrases, different everything in fractions of undefined time.

Fractions of uncertainty, fractions of uncertain tomorrows,

With numbers in the form of humans, but one common denominator.

Leaving you as the only one who does the dividing and coming up with different results, in different time frames.

Sometimes the numerator is favorable, gives you a result you expect, one that you actually like,

Other times, the numerator comes with force that ruins you from the inside, leaves you surviving but completely ruined inside.

Some are life changing, changes you inside out.

You wanna understand some them, but reality refuses you yet somehow leaves you self aware of the impact it takes on you,

Some you know are gonna be part of you forever, you hate it, you wanna forget it, but  memory refuses you,

You wanna make positive your pain, get better, not bitter,

You’re still working on changing them letters,

You wonder why your box of chocolate comes with stomach upsets sometimes,

You wonder why it comes with different treats every time,

You swear you love chocolate, but its rather indefinite sometimes,

Maybe stick to the same brand, but ain’t that boring?

Your taste buds are diverse, yearns for everything tasty, whatever the brand,

So you try different boxes, taste different flavors, That’s living out the purpose of life isn’t it?

Living and living broad, you are meant to live anyway,

I love my box of chocolates, but why can’t are the flavors and shapes inside different?

Do they have to be different? Does life have to be unsettling?

I sure wish some parts were not part of life,

You wanna cheat yourself out of those memories, if you do find a way to do so, Tell me?

For if this is fate, I wanna cheat!

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