I Believe In The Night

Reflection Galore!
I find meaning in the night

I find meaning in the peace and solitude atmosphere it has to offer.

I find meaning in it’s beauty when the moon shines so bright and the stars just sit there unraveling in there beauty.

Sitting here under the sky I realize that in the night you are truly alone….it has that effect on people,

even when you are sleeping with him or her right there besides you, the symphony of your breaths are different,

when she has nightmares, you’re having a regular dream or no dream at all.

Whatever it is, it’s not shared in the night….

it’s just alone in your own capacity to exist in it’s darkness.

Is that the essence of life anyway?

At the end of it all….you die alone,

buried alone,

rot alone,

and for those who believe in heaven and hell will go it alone!

I love the night,

because in that darkness I realise that I am the true essence and in my true essence,

a single ray of light trying to shine in the beauty of the day.

The night has taught me that I truly belong to me, that family and friends, begotten lovers may promise you love, understanding, blah blah …

but when night comes,

they will lay those promises to sleep.


I am slowly learning..that just like the night…

I am beautiful some days, my moon shines and the stars dazzle and I’m a marvel….

but there are days I’m just darkness….no moon…no stars….just thick clouds of darkness……

some nights I’ll cry raindrops…and cast storms….

and other nights, most nights, I’m just that…

the night!

Beautiful, silent and clothed in dazzle.

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