Reflection Galore 2
This notion of self-love!!!
Bugs my mind,
The world of social media has mandated to flood all timelines with nude photos in the misconstrued notion of self-love,
You have a little cellulite, a little stretch marks…acne..or whatever,
Don’t worry babe, take a photo, show the world these ‘flaws’,
#selflove #iloveme #ilovemybody,
How the world makes natural basis and outcomes of your body,
Look like a demeaned flaw that ought to be non-existent,
But since it exists, it finds a way of trying to make it okay,
It is okay,
So you added a little weight, gained cellulite, stretch marks found a place on your skin,
What’s wrong with that?
When the world disapproves of your life choices, your love choices, your choices essentially,
It spits the notion of self-love right at you,
So I’m here wondering,
What if I never knew no love,
What if where I come from, your notion of love is not quite embraced…
What if all I know is spite, anger, hate, pain,
How do you expect me to love myself?
Self-love, what is self-love?
Is it me going on nude photoshoots just to show the world Its okay to have a body like mine,
Dear world,
Give me a break!
Let me grow undisrupted,
Let me decide undisputed,
Let me exist uncorrupted,
Let me live unmanned,
Let me exist…
Let me breathe this air without you trying to show me how to breathe right,
Let walk in the sand unhinged,
Let me find what makes me happy without you try to show me how happiness should be in unnatural photos and stories,
Let me feel,
Let me figure out what my emotions implicates,
For a second,
Don’t try to change me, don’t try to make me conform, don’t try to me worship you,
Just let me be.
Whatever I am, whatever I may be, whatever my story is…
Just! Let me be!
Let me love me, my way…
Alone….away from the misconceptions you have made the world gobble,
Let me love me in my own capacity,
Self-love…My way!

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