Almost feelings!
Almost friends!
Almost lover!
Almost successful!
We all have found ourselves in the river of almost! Almost! Almost!
At some point in your life,
Just some point, you said,
“Technically, we didn’t date!”
“He’s technically an ex-boyfriend”
“She was an ex-something”
An ex-example, An ex-almost!
Like parallel lines, always so close, never together!!
Maybe it was the words!
And how they have a way of complicating everything
You and me!!
Never us!!
Everyday, we go through a complicated series of almost interactions,
They almost cared about you,
They almost convinced you you mattered,
And you wondered,
How do you get over an ‘almost’?
I know, I know how almost fucking constantly breaks the heart,
Guess what though,
With time, you learn to appreciate the ‘almost’
Sometimes you find love
Sometimes you find hell
Sometimes they both exist in one body
Sometimes you actually need both inside you
Secretly, you’re worried you’ll burn,
Secretly you hope you do,
You’re tired
Never nothing
Never something
But never again!
I am glad for the almosts
It means the universe watches over me, and you Hun
The universe knows that you deserve more than
Almost attentions
Almost care
Almost understanding
Almost love
Almost anything!!
The universe knows that you need fullness packed in wholeness and freshness,
Packed in undivided love!!
And if it’s not here yet, patience is your best friend😘💕

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