What Loss Reminds You


It reminds you that life is not an art meant to be taken for granted,

It reminds you that you need to make the most of what you have because you never really know if your demise is near!

It reminds you that “the heart wants what it wants” is just a phrase people use to justify wrong choices,

It reminds you that your brain is your best friend, that the brain is the one organ that will make or break your heart and life,

It reminds you that your gut is always on your side, cheering for you! Trying to make you see people in a different light

It reminds that even though the world wants to impose their values on you, stick to what you’ve always wanted and believed in,

Remember those childhood dreams you had? What if they were the epitome your life was meant to take,

Remember all those innocent values you had before the world corrupted you? What if they were what made you a better person?

When you loss someone so close to you, you start to evaluate the people you thought had your best interests at heart,

You start to see their wool ripping off, and you start to see the skeleton of who they really are,

You realize that you have been taking your time for granted!

You realize that time isn’t really on your side, and even if it was, the universe can take it from you anytime,

You start to realize how the trees breathe peace, and how the moon shines in the darkness with pride and substance, and how even though the sun scotches the earth to brown dust, the warmth is needed,

You long for the rains and the peace the wind brings, you long for the cold weather because you fall deeper in love with all your warm clothes and your bed,

You’re not mad at the storms anymore because they remind you that the universe brings you these calamities to remind you that at the end of it all the storm subsides and the sun shines again.

Loss reminds you that you need to use your time well, be with the right people, cut off the ones that darken your soul, purpose to be happy even though you have to leave those you hold so dear because you’re just an option to them and you’d rather be a priority

Loss reminds you that tough choices need to be made to pave way for better things,

Loss makes your heart your heavy, but it also reminds you that’s it’s up to you to make the heart Happy and light.

So, prone your trees for the seasons to come, weed your plants for the rains, prepare your house for all seasons,

Sit down, brew your coffee strong, unravel with the universe and make use of this time you have,

Be kind to your heart, don’t love simply because it sounds fancy, love because love makes your future bright today,

Don’t hold on to people who constantly break your heart, don’t let the few good things overshadow the hurt,

Loss sucks! But sometimes it’s the universe’s way of reminding you that time is all you have!

Listen to your heart, but don’t forget to consult your brain and pay more attention to your gut🍻

Pain Demands To Be Felt- John Green

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