Hope for The Deserts

There is so much wrong and so much evil in the world. Ten minutes into watching the News and there is so much political scandal, so much death. Fathers killing there wives and kids, wives mutilating their husbands, teachers beating up students, students doing the despicable and so on …. The world has become one big dry desert!

One wonders, “Does it ever end?” All the chaos, hate, pain, disasters, will it ever stop? My guess, I don’t think so!

I grew up in a environment where hate was the order was the day, and love was nothing but a thought, and to me, hope! I came out of it, only to realize it’s the same thing the world has to offer.

However, I still have hope for love. I believe that love heals, it can mend your soul, make you forget all that is happening around you, and it makes you feel alive.

That kind of love lives in our homes. In our spouses, kids, and nuclear family. That kind of love needs to be different, it has to be two-sided, and it needs to be offered freely.

Those incredible moments you spend with your loved ones erases all the evil surrounding you. Even in bad times, that kind of love reminds you that you have survived so much and come so far to give up now.

It’s the look your kid gives you and the hugs that remind you you are here for a greater purpose, it’s the touch of a partner that helps you smile even when there is so much darkness, the small compliments from your parents that remind you that you have someone who looks out for you even when you are such a pain.

Love is hope for the deserts. Love is what shines upon the deserts and keeps what survives in the desert standing. Deserts are dry, but love is what keeps those in the desert going.

So if you find a love that makes you forget all the struggles that come with the desert, hold on to that and never settle for anything less.

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