Love is Life

Love is life. All we all want since the minute we are put in our parent’s hands, the minute we see our first light, the minute we draw our first breath, the minute we open our eyes for our first time, make a sound laced in that beautiful sound of a newborn child, from that moment, all we want is love.

Love is what gives this life meaning, love is how life itself is created. Two people who love each come together and in their course of life, they create life! You! You were created out of love.

So we are love. It’s what we are made of, what we yearn we for, and what keeps us going.

Lack thereof, is how hate, bitterness, hate, brokenness, pain, lies, deceit, betrayal, low self-esteem, and everything that is negative is created.

The minute the parents stop loving their kids right, there is a shift and all the kid wants is to be loved, to be seen, to be heard, and when that isn’t offered hence the rise of daddy issues and mommy issues.

In the embrace of those issues, we become someone else, something else, somewhat like a girl or boy caught in limbo. One where you know that all you want to love and be loved by your parents, family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, all we want is to be accepted by those who mean something to us and yet the lack thereof, makes us turn into clingy, naggy, desperate, you know the labels, because all we are searching for is love that is pure and true, the kind of love that breeds life and brought us innocently into a world of chaos because despite all that love makes it easy, makes us survive, makes us wanna be better.

Those who are lucky, find that kind of love, and the stars align, everything aligns, because it’s right, pure, and true oh so true.

So, if only people realized that love is the solution to everything, that love really is life and life love, if only we knew how to love right, like the way it was intended, in its purest form, there would be less pain, less hate, less terrorism, less tribalism, less everything that is negative.

But then again, it has to be a personal realization for a shift to happen…so yeah, it all lies the idealization of ‘if only’…

All you need is that one person who sees the same light as you, and while you wait for people to start using love as a weapon, the two of you make each other’s world a tiny bit better than what is out there.

Love is life. This life is Love

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