A Case of Subtle Ignorance? Maybe, I don’t know!!!

I have this habit where I keep people around even though they did me foul. The question here is, I’m I fault of character?

Maybe, I don’t know!!

But here is the thing, they say, ‘put yourself in their shoes” for a reason.

I grew up in a fucked up environment, believe me I have had to live through distinguishing what’s bad and what’s good, what’s evil and what’s not?

Because of that, I have this thing where I don’t exclusively dismiss the positive attributes of a person even though they may have done the worst thing seemingly possible to you.

I get the whole concept of, you need to cut off shit people from your life, but my question is, were they always shit to you?

I’ve done some fucked shit in my life as well. Does that make me a bad person, heck! I believe not!!

Hey, I don’t know about you, but I know that there is a reason terms like forgiveness actually exist. You know, terms like, letting go of the past, bitterness, and pain.

As humans, there is that part of us, where we acknowledge life, learn how to forgive even where apologies are not offered or afforded.

Yes! There are horrible People living amongst us, case in point terrorists, rapist, burglars, liars etc…but there is a reason why their families are caught by surprise when they learn that someone close to them did something as shitty, because they have know the good side of the person in context.

I think that’s the same case with everyday life… Just because someone does shitty shit, doesn’t entirely dismiss them as a horrible human being.

But does the fact that I choose to see the world through a slim sheet, make me fucked up or evasively tolerant? Well, maybe, honestly I don’t really know.

I guess we grow and we learn, we adjust, and we choose what works for us and what doesn’t🤷

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