Start of Something Good

Like a subtle reminder, she felt herself crown back into her new skin.

She felt the old skin shed bit by bit, inch by inch, like a snake crowning into a new scale.

She felt her heart beat freely and loudly, she felt her blood flow so slickly through her veins, she felt her stomach making her very aware of the concept of hunger and over-feeding, she felt her brain growing new cells because the time was here and the time was right.

She felt herself become at peace and happy about the person that she was. She felt proud of being emotional. She has never felt more alive her entire life.

Even though the future was bleak, even though she knew that there would be a number of people who just wouldn’t be comfortable with the process, she knew that deep down she would be okay.

She knew that she wanted to try all the things she is has always been determined to learn, she knew that it was time she started to live in the moment despite the situation at hand, she knew that today was all she knew and needed.

She knew that she was happy today, she’d enjoy it to the fullest, if she was lazy today, she would do whatever to enjoy it nonetheless, she knew that if she was feeling a tad bit emotional she just needed to drain it out rather than keep it bottled in.

She knew that this was how she was going to start afresh, she knew that this was the start of something good. Something great, something EPIC!!!

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