Broken Chains

As she lay there,
Her whole life unfolded Infront of her eyes,
Only this time not in a blur, But as clear as ever.
She finally accepted that her pain started way before she could actually speak fluent English,
Pain that was inflicted by those whose blood hypothetically runs deeper than water,
She saw the series of events that led her to being who she had become,
A woman who cared what people thought of her,
A woman who stayed with men who didn’t love her simply because she thought she needed their love to validate herself,
A woman who was afraid to live because she had restricted her life to take care of those who’d stab her in a jiffy,
A woman who felt worthless, unloved, and not worthy of respect,
A woman who felt “too emotional” “too much” “old-fashioned” because that’s what they told her.
And so she did what she should have done a long time ago,
She allowed herself to feel that pain,
To really let the pain tear her apart from the inside out,
To let her tears wash her clean,
To let her mind process and remember that this was a very important day, a day she would always, undeniably hold dear.
The day she forgave everyone and anyone who had played a part in orchestrating what had been a messed-up version of life,
The day she realized that she was enough for herself,
The day she realized that she was worthy of nothing but epic love,
The day she realized that she had good in her and no one would take that away from her..
The day she realized that her sensitivity was her greatest weapon and not a vulnerability,
The day she realized that her emotions were to be validated and not ignored or used to brand a label on her,
The day she felt her heart lighten up,
The day she felt the burden be lifted and her shoulders sulk in lightness,
The day she affirmed that no one could define her but herself,
The day she realized that the universe, that God was in her, as her,
The day she decided to control her brain because no one was in charge of her life but her,
The day she knew that she wasn’t just going to think of being better, but she would work towards being better everyday,
The day she realized that her mother, her daughter, and her best friend were the most precious gifts life ever afforded her,
The day she forgave her extended family for all the wounds they inflicted on her,
The day she forgave her father for leaving her,
The day she forgave her assaulters for all the scars they put on her,
The day she forgave those who broke her heart over and over again with no remorse,
The day she accepted that she also had a part to play for her pain lasting this long,
The day she forgave herself for being that reckless with her life,
The day she broke her chains and set herself free,
And the day she realized that she was the key to how it all ends.
And so she ended it.
Washed her mind clean.
Shed her old skin.
Radiated into who she really is!!

Nothing. Short. Of. Amazing

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