The Mayfly Of It All!


George Crabble compared the brief life of newspapers to that of a mayfly because they are only meant to live for a day. After this day is done, Today’s newspaper will only serve as a historical relic. I find it baffling that hours are spent to bring to us what is inadvertently happening in our world today, precious ink used on precious paper, only for it to last a day and it will no longer be of any use, other than the acknowledgement that history was recorded!

Anyway, I have been reading about Mayflies today, not for any scientific project; just for fun. These peculiar insects, undergo incomplete metamorphosis (hemimotabolous). After they acquire functional wings, they moult one more time which makes them unique. What’s their significance? Well, they are not extinct so reproduction is obvious, and they act as a delicious delicacy for many fish, which is why most fishermen model their fishing insects to resemble mayflies.

Its their short-lived existence that riles up my mind. Its the realization that most of our dream and life aspirations can be compared to mayflies. Our dreams like mayflies, are born big and gleaming, and then they fly around, buzzing like crazy before they simply fall to the floor dead, about 24 hours later.

Rings a bell? Remember that one day you had this big idea of changing the world or simply your life, but was outlived by the common adaptation to what we already know. Mayflies get the privilege of becoming adults. And even though its a short-lived adventure for them, they get to reproduce. Reproduction is actually the only primary function of adult mayflies. They don’t even feed.

We on the other hand, have the privilege of becoming, well-sustained and adaptive adults with the cognitive ability to make conscious and life-changing decisions so I don’t quite understand the mayfly of it all!! (And that’s from a victim point of view).

We get wispy bits of ideas that could be life-altering, and they stay long enough to hang in the air like silk puppets that make us happy and encouraged, only to join the flock of all the floating ideas that have been short-lived before. The thing is, we think change, and we think it big, but it doesn’t last long enough.

Sometimes we don’t mind, simply because how often do you come up with original ideas? But here’s the thing, if we are going to birth ideas that are going to be short-lived, then we might as well mirror the mayfly, and come up with a primary function that backs up the idea.

In my case, my mayfly death was always a result of, “But where will I get the capital?”, it still haunts me, however, recently I’ve come to realize that all I need to do is invest something small and keep adding up. Oh, you want to write a book? How about you right first instead of worrying about all the capital you need but you don’t have.

It sucks that mayflies get to live for just a day, however, the fact that they live long enough to keep their species significant, is quite impressive. This also goes to show me that, I just need to make sure I do what primal in making sure that my dreams and aspirations, as well as decisions, are not met by a sudden death.

Remember the “Floss one tooth technique?” I’m slowly learning that it actually works. If you don’t feel like flossing, all you need to do is floss one tooth and you’ll eventually find yourself flossing your teeth and then eventually it becomes a habit. If you are looking to do something your heart beckons your attention to, all you need it ten minutes.

It’s always tough; changing your adaptations. However, if its for a good reason, then its worth every minute of your time. Want to leave that toxic relationship? Its hard and a pain in the gut, no lie. But! that doesn’t mean its impossible, others have done it, you can. Start by ignoring that text or that call, and eventually you will ignore them completely.

Looking to get fit? Sure, its a ball of painful fire for beginners, but all you need to do is invest just ten minutes and you will eventually find yourself investing more and more time. Want to be an author? Write, even if its just for a five minutes.

Don’t let the ghosts of your mayflies keep you awake simply because you wouldn’t make use of the time you have to reproduce and leave the eggs of your ideas and dreams to be further fertilized. I take comfort in knowing that even the universe as an entity confuses me, there are people like me, and there are those who have done it before.

Don’t let the “Mayfly Syndrome” win. Yes! sometimes we can’t help but give up, but that’s why you have what it takes to get you back up again. Winners never lose sight of what they want to accomplish. Ask those at the Olympics! Losers on the other hand, remain losers because they let their desires and ideas live for just a day, like the Mayfly!

We are all students of the universe. We learn as we age, we venture into what works for us because the universe has made it possible for us to explore its many attributes and find where we fit in. In a sense, doesn’t that mean that it’s up to you to decide how you want your life to pun out?

I found this thought-provoking line from the book I am currently reading, and its awakened a peculiar curiosity within me…..

We’re now living with the uncertainty principle and the incompleteness theorem and philosophers who say that the world has become a simulacrum – a copy without an original. We live in a world where nothing may be real; a world of infinite closed systems and particles that could be doing anything you like (but probably aren’t) – Scarlet Thomas (The End of Mr. Y)

The thing about history, there is always someone (actually more) who was wrong. However, most people don’t care, we just take what works for us and leave what doesn’t. A mayfly doesn’t have that option, all it has is a couple hours to do what its meant to do within those hours, how about you live your life like that of a mayfly? As though all you have is 24 hours.

Twenty four hours to make that call to a loved one, to write a single paragraph or more, a day to give back, a day to love wholly, a day to give and leave behind, nothing but the best version of who you are. Be the mayfly of it all!!!šŸŒ»

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