Er! How Much Time Are We Talking About?

Dear Therapist, When you tell me to give myself time, how much time are talking about?

I mean, you’ve taken time and you’ve gone through your Julia Roberts “Eat, Pray, Love” moment.

You feel like you’ve made progress. Your challenges and struggles have only made your stronger.

You’ve thrived through your dark moments and even though you’re not there yet, you’re somewhere right?

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Opportunities start to show up, but there’s a catch! Like a test, you dive into making sure you get it right. Then you are cursed with the anxiety troll of having to wait for a result.

In that moment of waiting, you can’t help but ask yourself: If this doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean I still need to give myself more time?

And if that’s so, just how much time are we talking about? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Decades? I mean, jeez! How much time?

What do I think about this concept?

  1. Just give yourself time. You know you need it, you just have to sit through it.
  2. It’s different for everyone; focus on YOU.
  3. We’re all Wondering the same thing! That doesn’t justify giving up.
  4. The thing about Time, if you’re in it for real, you’ll take something from it
  5. Something will come through, patience is your best friend!

Time! It’s an uncomfortable relationship, but one that lasts a lifetimešŸŒ»

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