fantasy-3664586_1920(photo credit: pixabay)

The sky was blue,

night blue,

clustered with a few stars,

graced by white clouds that were perfectly illuminated by the moon,

the full moon looked down on me right in the middle of my view.

It was the prettiest thing I had seen so far into the New Year

the trees stood beautifully in the dark, gracefully soaking in the full intensiveness of the night,

the rest of the vegetation continue to silently grow in the dark,

cigarette burning veraciously with every puff I breathed in,

wondering why I smoked in the first place.

The silence was soothing,

the wind was calming,

and the air was just the way I liked it.

Cramps that felt like labor eating away at my lower back and stomach,

I looked right across that hospital that stood in my view and wished quick recovery to those who were easing that was easing them out.

Tiny red and white lights that were moving across the beautiful night, said a prayer for those in that flight to land safely.

I was cold,

I was blue,

and I needed to quit smoking

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