Pet Cemetery

composing-168696_1920The night is different without the moon,

Even with the stars out and sparkly,

The night is different.

The night is dull,

The wind is terrifying,

The crickets are mad deafening,

The demons are awake,

The ghosts haunt aggressively,

The guilt digs deeper,

The loneliness is louder,

The sadness is maddening,

The wounds start to ache,

And the trees are silent.

The night is different without the moon.

The failures of life come up to you demanding to be noticed,

You realize that the moon IS the night,

The moon gives life to the night,

It gives the stars a much needed background.

The night Is different without the moon,

It makes you wonder where you fit in…

In this darkness,

In this mad, mad, mad, world!

Where do you fit in?

When everyone is jolly and full of melody,

Where does your indifference fit in?

In this cycle of ongoing, never-ending routine,

Where is your desire subtleness supposed to fit in?

The night is different without the moon,

It’s a pet cemetery.

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