Little Miss Sunshine

little-girl-2516582_1920She is the real definition of happiness,

a ray of sunshine.

Then again she just turned four,

Pretty soon her freedom will start to wear off.

She is in Kindergarten now,

and even though she’s still enjoying herself,


pretty soon, she will realize that things are not the same anymore.

A few years from now,

she will enroll into lower primary,

then upper primary,

then she’ll realize she doesn’t have her innocence nor her freedom anymore.

She will have forgotten the smell of morning dew,

she won’t be curious about the singing birds anymore,

she won’t marvel at the sky and all its heavenly bodies,

all she will know is routine.

all she will know is hard work, and more hard work.

At this point they will have made her believe that in order to make it in life, she needs to work hard, excel, and get into promising institutions.

By the time she gets to high school,

she will start to know boys.

Oh those ruthless, manner-less boys!

She will start to wish attention upon herself,

she will start to wish love upon herself,

and forget she owes herself that love.

If history is anything to go by,

by this time, she will experience her first love.

She will forget to give her parents the respect they deserve,

nothing else will matter more to her than this boy.

She will stay up at night thinking about him,

won’t stay sharp during the day day-dreaming about his dreamy eyes.

Before she’s done with high school,

she will know her first heartbreak.

she will know tears like never before.

she will know heartache like never before,

and she will realize that its a cruel world,

and all her dreams will be shattered into tiny little pieces.

All the while, the system will continue to groom her to fit it’s needs.

She will wish campus life upon herself,

for she believes that while in campus she’ll have her freedom back,

she believes that without the rules, and the imposed routine,

she will start to truly live life again.

Once she gets there, she’ll realize that she has no choice but to focus on her studies,

during that time, it will really start to dawn on her that in order to make it out there,

she will need a good job, and for her to get that, she needed to do well.

No freedom,

Same routine,

Different institution.

Poor little miss sunshine,

by the time she’s done with campus,

she will have endured so much turmoil.

she will wish it all to end.

by this time,

she has a demanding job,

she now knows that dreams just give you the strength to survive a job you loathe,

she has a husband and kids,


and more bills,

and more bills to pay,

never time to take a breather.

Little miss sunshine truly knows none of her achievements will bring her peace and freedom back.

She knows that she has to wait till retirement,

and even then, she will be too wasted to enjoy what will be left of her life.

She is going to watch other little miss sunshines being born into her family,

only this time she wishes them to truly enjoy those first three to four years of their lives,

because that’s the only true freedom life has to offer.

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