Nice to Meet You

young-girl-1149701_1920(photo credit: Pixabay)

“I am the best part of you, ”

she said.

From the valley beyond,

the prettiest,



and the most thoughtful one.

I am the flowers you seek,

the spark in the fountain you will to drink from,

the beauty of the trees,

one or many,

the fertile to your plants,

the voice that snaps you from those bad dreams at night,

and I am she who always brushed the hair from your face and told you your beauty was unmatched,


But you never noticed me,

and you never had the time for me,

yet I was always there,

I’ve always been there.

Those cold nights,

through the river of tears,

through the mist of clouds,

when the rain wasn’t enough to drain your sorrow,

when you fell prey to those who took advantage of your kindness,

when you saw no way of ever getting out of the hole.

I wanted to take it all away.

I wanted you to see me,

to feel me,

to realize me.

For only then,

would my love for you be manifested.

And we did meet a couple of times,

on those blissful trips with Mary Jane,

sometimes she would bring you to me,

we’d count the stars together,

jam to beautiful music together,

laugh our way to the sunset,

and it would be amazing.

In those few hours she’d let us spend together,

you would let me in,

tell me tales you thought you’d taken alone,

tales of love presumably found and that which was lost,

tales of the past that haunt your dreams with no mercy,

and you would cry,

and I knew that unless you let me in,

you would never get out of the hole.

And I would leave letters with your brain,

and hope he delivered my letters to you.

and this time he did.

I am yours and you are mine,

So, my darling!

you belong only to you,

because I am you and you are me.

It’s been years,

but it matters not to me,

for you are here now,

aware of me,

aware that you’ll be fine.

Look at what we made here;

the glass may be broken,

the paper needs erasing,

and the language polishing,

but your pen still holds ink.

With that ink, you and I,

now that we found each other,

can write all things knew.

And maybe next time Mary Jane is involved,

you and I will dance through the night,

kiss under the stars,

make love in the wind,

and the creatures of the night will moan our love.

I looked at her,

feeling alive,

feeling her settle within me,

where she belonged.

With a smile, my hand out to her,

I said,

“Nice to meet you!”

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