Bar Pub Tavern

bar-918541_1920(picture credit: Pixabay)

When you see,

a drunkard,

a pothead,

a methhead,

a snot,

a chain-smoker,

Know there must be a story there.

A story of great horrors,







a story where they seek to shut out the darkness,

and that which brings them nightmares.

It’s a story some know not what to say,

some prefer the company of fellow drunkards,

fellow substance abusers,

because only their kind can truly understand how they got here.

For some,

it’s just a story of addiction.

How they innocently tasted the honey pot,

and they have been going back ever since.

Its the level of drunkenness,


that makes you see how deep they have sunk.

And it makes you sad,


because you yourself,

happens to be one of them.

When you see a drunkard,

a pothead,

a methhead,

a snort,

a chain-smoker,

before you are quick to judge,

look deep into their eyes,

they tell a story.

The Bar Pub Tavern just happens to be a small piece of heaven for them.


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