bridge-19513_1920The sun knows its a ball of misery,

this it knows.

in its golden deariness,

it emerges from the far darkness,

luring you into its light,

only to make you miserable,

till its ready to ease you in again,

with a warm goodbye hug.

The sun knows its a ball misery,

this it knows.

it listens to your conversations

with the moon,

it knows your dreams,

and it knows you slept with a smile on your face,

full of hopes and good things,

and when it knows you are eager to go do it,

it comes,

clothed in goldness beauty,

with a shade of risky red,

and then it

slaps you with hell.

roasts you and your dreams,

in its pot of misery.

Only to lure you back in,

with a promise of better dreams,

better tomorrows,

better todays.

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