Soft Things

agriculture-1807581_1920(picture credit: PixaBay)

Its the soft things

that keep me going.

The Universe,

gives us the soft things

to remind us of the extra-ordinary.

the sunshine after rain,

a violet-purpled lane,

rosy clouds that ooze peace when they tint the dawn.

Its the gentle things,

that keep me alive.

for the rhythms sweet and clear,

thoughtful notes of cheer,

and a kitten’s nose against my hand.

The gentlenesses of the little things comfort me,

so soft to hear and touch,

Oh how I welcome them.

They are the blessings of the Universe,

when I am sad,

they swipe away the sad thoughts,

with their healing, soothing balm,

they always find a way of smoothening my wrinkled day.

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