Silence of The Mountains

italy-1587287_1920(picture credit: Pixabay)

The gorgeous silence of the mountains,

the tiny sounds of tiny creatures,

the subtleness and classiness of the clouds,

the indifference of the beautiful trees,

the stillness of the river below,

the shallowness of the valleys,

bring out the silence of the mountains,

the silence of the dawn,

the silence of the night,

the silence of the afternoon hikes.

Silence provokes the transformation of mind and body,

Life is life,

it has to disappear,

we see it appear,

and disappear,

and often times we are not ready.

The silence makes us frightened of change,


like the sharp tips and v-shaped valleys of a saw,

we get the courage to appreciate the.

high mountain peaks,

and low valleys,

The silence tells us its secrets,

it tells us that we need to walk through the shadow of the valleys,

to get to the peak.

To be one with the silence of the gorgeous mountains,

we need not ignore the valleys.

For however dark,


and unpredictable valleys can be,

for every Mountain,

has its valleys.

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