A Day With The Angels

sunset-2641435_19205:30 am couldn’t find me more awake.


i was brave-faced to go out into the world,

be brave,

and get that life i want.


some would say,

but do they misery is the best motivation the universe offers you?

do they know how it feels to feel your heart go numb and darker?

do they know the nightmares bite?

and the ghosts stub you for real?

i don’t suppose so.

the first thing i did was look up to the sky from my window,

like i do most morning,


and yes, Mercury was still shinning like she owned Earth,

and then i wrote my blog for the day,

and began what turned out to be a not so bad day.

the first destination,

was far too remote than i ever experienced,

but the trees and the mountains,

the fog and the landscape,

stood there like art,

in harmony and in love,

and for a long minute there,

the remoteness wasn’t so bad,

in fact,

it was something i could really use.

i wasn’t gonna get it!

the job,

i knew it the minute she gave me that clip board to sign,

names on that list,

were obviously what they needed.

it didn’t matter,

the ambiance of the place,

the privilege to have been there today,

was more than enough satisfaction i needed.

the second destination turned out to be the wrong one,

and so i had to make a whole new journey just to get to the right destination.

this right destination turning out to be,

a whole new level of remote,

turns out there are more tricks to this game.

the road too potholed to enjoy the journey,

the dust too thick to even get fresh air,

and the car too packed, you feel the guy next to you breath.

the only thing comforting,

the embrace of nature.

and there it was,

the tree of light.

it stood there different from the forest,

her beauty and light demanding you to be aware of her.

the most amazing thing i have ever seen.

and right there i knew,

this was going to be the day i spent with the angels.

and the sun became harsher,

the crowd became suffocating,

and errands still to be run,

and even with the frustration of the heat and fatigue,

this was one of the days.

i saw my friend today,

i had missed her,

and she still looked like she did back in high-school,

it was amazing.

this was one long day,

my body was caving in to the exhaustion,

and after i settled in the house.

i opened my mail,

and the Internet sent 10 warm and cuddly hugs in blog likes,

a kiss enveloped in a comment,

a message of power in a call for submission,

and happy that the first thing i did was write that post.

and there it was,

the feeling of satisfaction,




and the feeling of she buried inside,

coming to live.

i couldn’t hear the fatigue demanding to be heard,

nor the frustration screaming for attention,

nor doubt begging for another chance to taste my skin,

because this was a day of light,


and growth.


was the day i spent roaming through new adventures,

with the angels.


picture credit: PixaBay

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