As Long As They Be Older Than You

smartphone-1987212_1920As long as they be older than you,

your wisdom means shit.

your words will be nothing more

than a baby learning to speak.

As long as they be older than you,

they will make fun of your wisdom,

make fun of you for thinking you know the world.

Your experiences,

your story,

your scars,

your auctioned demons,

they will pretend to lend a ear,

offer advice,


and consolation.

But as long as they be older than you,

whatever you have been through,

is pig spill.

As long as they be older than you,

they will dismiss everything you say,

they will discuss you in their circles,

talk about,

how that young lad thinks he’s seen it all,

how that young lady thinks that she has attained wisdom

simply because she’s had it tough.

they will tell tales of how,

generations are changing,

and how the younger generation is full shit,

how they have poor taste in music,


too emotional,

have rotten morals,

how they know not how times were hard back then,

and so what you may have gone/are going through,

is dismissed by the notion of age.

“Oh what does she know?”

and they will tell you,

“Back in the day……………”

As long as they be older than you,

don’t bother telling them,

just listen!

For if your wisdom is weighed

by how far you have aged,

you will never win.

You will always be a baby learning to walk,

an antelope trying to walk a few hours after birth,

just to catch up with it’s mother.

You will be a caterpillar,

crowning into a butterfly,

an Ostrich egg buried somewhere in the sand,

waiting to hatch.

You will be looked down upon,


put down,

and treated as nothing more than a baby.

It doesn’t matter how old they are,

but as long as they be older than you,

they believe that they have the upper hand.

That age gap is gold to them,

a hefty price you’ll never match.



2 thoughts on “As Long As They Be Older Than You

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    1. Awwwwwwww @millyschmidt this is legit the best thing Ive come home today. I mean, you just made what was a hectic day. Your kind words have saved a lady somewhere. Thank you!! And I bet you could write that sometimes. Maybe you could write me something


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