My Heart Can’t Take It

heartbreak-1209211_1920my heart has broken wings,

i forgot the will to fly,

i found comfort in the hole,

being buried was better,

swimming in shores of the frozen seas,

hoping that the cold shocks me back to sanity,

under water doesn’t scare me anymore.


its hard to breath sometimes,

i can feel my heart hanging in the air,

pain buried in my bones,

sadness approaching faster than a hurricane,

my spirit is fragile,

i can feel my will to live diminishing like butter in heat,

its getting darker and darker,

and i’m invisible,

withdrawn from the world,

breaking down again and again,


i can feel my heart crying,

i can feel it grow afraid for it knows not what to do,

it knows not what is ahead,

but it knows the present isn’t any better,

and the past was a shit-load of razors.


my heart is bleeding,

my spirit slowly dying,

for in a world where,

ignorance is bliss,

the heart cannot survive.

my heart can’t take it.


picture credit: PixaBay

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