Your Way Out

woman-591576_1920like an itch,

you will always bother them.

for they don’t understand you and they never will.

but never give them the privilege long enough

let them think they will break you,

then grab your freedom by the tail,

and use it to smack sanity in them.

never allow yourself to be clubbed into dank submission,

a wise man once said.

be honest and genuine,

and never try to impress anyone.

for you’ll never be YOU if all you do is aim to impress others.

its your life,

yours to live,

yours to do with what you please.

live it unapologetically,

wear your flaws like a queen,

wear your past like rare jewelry,

own every part of who you are,

and no one can take anything from you by judging you.

reinvent your life

and then keep doing it till they can’t shake you no more.

know your life,


live it with no shame.

never apologize for who you were

who you are,

and who are going to be tomorrow,

free your mind,

that’s your way out.

tangle away from that which society declares norm,

that’s your way out.

pay a little more attention to your intuition,

that’s your way out.

forget that which you learned in school and allow nature to teach you,

that’s your way out.






your mind,

your way out!

picture credit: PixaBay

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