Beware The Grain Of Sand In Your Shoes

person-1245959_1920Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Like a new lover,

this season holds attributes i am yet to discover,

like the expectations of a new relationship,

it may turn out to be fulfilling or frustrating.

but even when a fence is wired around its trunk,

a tree keeps going.

with the greatest of days,

and the worst of days,

I learn that life can be ridiculous beyond comprehension.

but i aspire not to move mountains,

for mountains don’t move,

but they do look changed whenever you look down on them from a great height.

clean thy spirit by spending days in the woods,

climb thy mountain,

for keeping close to natures heart,

helps us break clear away.


that its not the mountain you need to conquer,

but yourself.

for the top of one mountain,

is always the bottom of another,

yet the mountain stands glorious nonetheless.

to get to the top of that mountain,

beware the grain of sand in your shoes.


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