Your Graduation


Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

when the ways get tough,

you are near to the end journey,

redemption is upon you,

willing to be let within.

time to master your resolve is here.

remember why you set out in the first place.

listen to the universe,

listen to its ferocious energy nudging you to keep forward.

allow the seasons to keep shifting,

and watch your campaign come to a close.

the next pilgrimage approaches,

remember to rest.

nothing is passive or static,

your world is flowing with the tides,

await thy rebirth and renewal,

for they are at hand.

your graduation is near,

own your power,

illuminate radiance in gold,

stop belittling your self-worth,

rid thyself of fear and your self-sabotaging tendencies,

the experience will be tender yet bitter.

but they are to savor you into the person you’re becoming,

upon thy rebirth,

be transparent,

and those who matter will be there,

cheering on you,

for you made them believe it,

by believing it yourself,

give up a little control,

go with the flow,

for its your….


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