You Are Not Alone


Image by Pixel2013 from Pixabay


let me take your hand through the darkness,

let me walk with you all night long when you have no direction,


let’s walk a mile in your shoes,

let me to meet you there,

where the light shines a little brighter,

where the air is clear,

let’s pinky swear,

for I will always meet you there when need me.


let me hold your hand as you go through these changes,

let me put on your shoes,

walk a mile in them till you and I can be in sync.


I wanna show you what love looks like,

for like you,

I had been buried so deep in the darkness,

never realizing that what I thought was love,

was a demon dressed in peach,

warming up my bed,

keeping me up at night,

afraid to even close my eyes.


let me sing to you,

let me brush your hair,

massage your feet,

and reassure you that you are not alone in this,

for you are not alone my dear.

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