Kind To You


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

In the wreckage of their own failures,

you deemed yourself worthless.

In the pursuit of their respect,

you let them take control of your life.

In the desperation to make it in life,

you armed yourself with everything besides willpower.

In the rear view of the world’s shadow,

you embraced demons and nightmares of judgment.

In the wake of morning you aspired to be good,

yet in the liquidity of the noon and evening,

the debtors come to collect.

In the spirit of goodness you aspired to be kind,

but you forgot that it’s YOU who matters the most,


whom you needed to be kind to.

Not the demons of today,

ghosts of the past,

nightmares of the future,

drenched in untethered souls,

scattered all around you,





being kind to you means,

unlearning the urge to want what doesn’t want you,

unlearning the yearning not to leave those who don’t want to stay,

hedging forward even when the storm is near.

know the waves can smell the fear on you,

taste the desperation on your skin,

hear what’s within you.

So, barter with bone,

never selling yourself short.

Let your light attract moths,

your warmth – parasites,

always protecting your space and energy.


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