Dear Beloved,


Image by Enrique Lopez Garre from Pixabay

Dear beloved,

like me,

you are weary of what tomorrow might bring,

scared of the past ghosts looking to haunt your days,

letting anxiety take away that which is yours to have.

Dear beloved,

you are me,

and I am you.

you believe we are different,

but really we are not.

Dear beloved,

you are 80% water,

I am 80% water,

Even the Pope is 80% water.

Dear beloved,

I wonder,

if your father hadn’t met your mother,

and mine hadn’t met mine,

would we be here today?

Dear beloved,


because someday else would still be that you,

you are you by being someone else,

just like I am me by being you,

everyone is you,

just as every someone is I.

Dear beloved,

do you see now?

everything goes with the thing,

you are necessary,

just as I am,

and together,

we are water,

we are stardust,

we are flesh,

we are part of the thing,

so let’s be involved,

and detached at the same time.

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