Karma Awaits To Beget You


Image by Rhezus Magdayao from Pixabay

you took one look at him

and called him cold.

without so much of a hello

dismissed his existence as vanity,

without so much of a smile

failed to see that’s all he wanted,

for he was not cold,

he was just sad.

without so much as the showing empathy,

you whispered mean nothings in the ears of those

who didn’t care for him.

without so much as a pinch of affection

you stoned him with your meanness,

shamed him with your words,

and rendered him unworthy of love.

he was never cold,

but you were.

you touched him and froze his heart,

an inch near him

and you made him shiver with self-loathing.

you took his innocence,

and tarnished it black,

simply because you never understood him,

and now,

in the light of day,

and darkness of the night,

karma awaits you to beget you soon.

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