Mild and Gentle


Image by ThuyHaBich from Pixabay

like unperfumed jelly,

be mild and gentle.

care and nourish for those around you,

soothe and calm those who matter to you.

be diligent

but never forget that where the is good,

so is evil,

black exists simply because there is white,

where the joy,

pain has to emerge.

where you are lost,

you shall be found,

where is life,

death is apparent.

be mild and gentle,

even when your world is falling apart,

be mild and gentle by understanding that

pain and darkness are meant to keep you present and focused.

as you rejoice on your good days,

remember to appreciate the bad days as well,

for the two go hand in hand,

like yin yang.


darkness is a gift,

pain heals,

and fear is a catalyst.

don’t write your misery off,

or shut it-

accept it,

face it,

flourish in it,

learn from it,

feel it,

purge it,

surrender to it,

and in the wake of enlightenment,

like unperfumed jelly,

be mild and gentle.


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