beautiful-2844189_1920Image by Andry Richardson from Pixabay

I didn’t know much about her,

but she looked like the kind that needs

music with a mug of coffee in the morning.

the kind that would enjoy barefoot dancing,

and blissful adventures.

but she didn’t know she had the power to add color to our world,

the kind that brightens the space when she gets in a room,

her eyes radiate this powerful enigma of self-confidence,

almost like she knew she was worth so much,

yet afraid to live it.

and there I was,

ready to be her friend,

a soul for a soul,

a place for her life,

sun or water,

here or away,

when they forgot how bright her light is,

i would be there to remind her that she can conquer the world.


when she drowned in the ocean of masked identities,

i would be there to remind her that her heart

was raw and unmasked,

Babra was like a tear lost in the ocean,

her light bursts through her eyes,

yet she was unafraid to see the rainbow,

afraid to say everything she needed,

almost as though she owed the world her life,

almost as though she needed someone to call home

but never could find.


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