We Forget Its Not All Bad


Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

where there is light,

darkness is approaching.

when the sun basks in the glory of its heat,

the moon is waiting to howl through the night,


when all seems lost,


torn apart,


and traumatizing,

we figure that life is unfair to us.

we forget that its not all bad.

we forget to live in that which is overshadowed by the darkness,

in the simple things,

the little joys,

the now,

the present,

that which is true.

when memories of yesterday makes us even more so anxious,

we forget that basking in that gap between

yesterday and tomorrow,

is not all that bad.

it may look like the end of the world is here,

yet the sun continues shines with an unusual subtleness,

if only you realize that its not all bad,

and when you do,

maybe the sun will lean in and kiss you,

the wind will caress you,

the moon will hold you tight all through the night,

the birds will sing special melodies to you,

nature will flower in vibrancy just to remind you you are beautiful,

the rivers and streams will slow down just so you can marvel,

the waterfalls will speak to you,

the clouds will leave hidden love letters for you in the sky,

and the stars will keep shinning for you.

even when its darkness,

the stars will continue to shine beneath the darkness,

ready to continue shinning when the dark clouds pass.

the stars will come out for you,

even when you can’t see them,

all you have to do is remember that its not all bad.


a star,

just one,

to shine only for you,

a bulb,

just one,

to keep glowing for you,

even when we forget that its not all bad.




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