Morning Walks


Image by Lars Wicher from Pixabay

there is something romantic about

morning walks,

birds flying in twos,

singing melodies of praise to mother nature,

and melodies of love spread upon the approaching blue sky,

the morning star refusing to go to sleep

waiting for the golden sunrise peers into the sky,

the lingering blue daylight waiting to beckon,

golden feathers spread upon the sky

as though to honor your existence,

beholding beauty only those in the moment can enjoy.

there is something romantic about

the morning breeze,

cold yet loving embrace,

taking all your worries and frustrations with it,

leaving you open to mother earth’s marvel.

there is something romantic about

the melodious birds in the morning,

different species,

different melodies,

all deeped into maple syrup and honey,

a dash of sweet and healing,

as they fly across the sky

in twos,


or groups,

almost as if they are appeasing the gods.

there is something romantic about

how a forest of trees perfectly aligns itself on a sleep early morning,

misty year lingering a far,

making the forest appear dewy and magnificent,

like nature’s bride,

there is something deafly calming about

sitting inside a thick forest on an early morning,

listening to the world coming to life,

watching the rays of the golden sunrise

peering between the trees,

painting the sky with pure, golden, subtle light.

there is something romantic about

walking up and down a slope on an early morning,

realizing how carefully mother nature

holds you up,

listening to a flowing stream,

receiving the kisses and promises of love

for the universe.

there is something romantic about mornings,

because they make you realize that

something great is happening,

and you are part of it,

you are it!

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