Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

sometimes pain,



and despair comes at you,

like waves in the ocean.

leaving you drowning

in the ocean of your own tears.

sometimes even your inner-strength doesn’t cut it,

these tears do not care for your resistance,


or determination to remain strong,

they are here to unravel the pain within,

destroy your Garth,

demanding you to let out.

screaming at you to let it all out.

and when you block them from the eyes,

they will strain your nose,

cause tension in your head,

until you have no choice but to let them out.


you just have to cry,

its necessary,

not because you’ve given in,

but because sometimes,

those tears are your friend,

they understand you,

get you,

and are there to drain that pain,



and despair away.

and so when your mind has had enough

“trying to keep it together”

like holy fountains of water,

the tears cleanse you,

relieve you,

open you up.

and when you let them flow,

you are reminded that

sometimes life sucks,

bad things happens,

its a shit load of disasters,

and you have no control over it,

but you need not allow it to swallow you up.

even in the ocean of painful tears,

keep your head above water.

allow yourself to feel the pain,

drown in it,

then let it go.

never feel weak for screaming out,

never feel weak for bearing it all out,

let the tears hug you,

love you,

ease you out of that darkness,

heal you,

and make you feel better again.


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