Darkness is Inevitable

Sometimes a girl knows,

None of it is real.

It’s a game of charades

It’s “Let me sketch an idea for you

While you base your soul purpose just to make it comes true”….

The concept of Dreams Come True

Only this time…

You really are convinced of the promise that never bears fruit…

Because belief really is the opium of the masses.

A girl knows…

A full day arrives,

And light shines through with promises of bliss…

And you keep playing the game,

But darkness still comes

Behold the lullabies of the moon…

You sleep…

You never know where you go..

You’re not dead….

So you’re somewhere,

In a abyss maybe,

Or maybe space is real,

And then somehow you wake up..

And every day is deja vu.

The pain is real,

Struggle never-ending,

Loss overcoming,

Happiness short-lived,

Peace unachievable,

Times keep getting worse,

And humans become robots,

Incapable of love,




Then again….are those words even real?

A girl knows…….

It’s all an illusion!

They’ve painted it so deep in your brain…nothing is feels real….

But if you look beyond that…


Just maybe!

You behold That darkness is inevitable,

And so child,

None of it is real,

Only Now is real…

This moment



And everything around us





And everything enveloped in the bubble,


All there is…

Now there’s light….

Darkness waits to behold.

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