Names In The Sand

By naming me you negate me.

You Nullify me,

Invalidate me to that which is restricted by the claws of a society negated.

A tree is beautiful even when dry,

It takes the art of the semi-arid,

And contours it’s form into brittle canvas.

What is the worth in a name?

Do you ever stop to think the limitations tied to a name alone?

The ignorance behind it,

The naivety that is tied to the importance of it all.

By naming me, you define me.

You use my name to tie my personality to that which is attached to a tribe,

Because my name tells you so.

Take it from a girl who has to deal with the subjection of violence that is attached to a tribe.

Roles of men and woman,

Limited to a name..

Moments will fall and scatter around us like snow…

But the validation of it all shall be tied to a name.

Love dismantled because your name subjects you to a heritage…that subjects you to tribal limitations….that subjects to settling only for that which is outlined by a name.

A name bears shame…




And subjection.

If a girl had no name,

Tell me darling! Would you look past my ethnicity?

Past my tribe?

My heritage?

My culture?

My customs?

Would you love me, for me?

For that thing about my personality that you like?

Or shall we be like sand in the desert?

Is that what we become?

Names in the Sand?

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