Makes No Sense

the birds keep singing,

even when they’re sad!

they all sound the same to me…

I can never know whether they’re having a good or bad day,

but they never cease to sing do they?

the cows seem to enjoy chewing cud,

the goats seem to enjoy the taste of their own piss,

the lions seem to love the taste of antelope,

the hippos never seem to stray too far from the waters,

the waves and tides will always ashore,

the trees seem to keep growing,

the flowers seem to bloom whenever they want,

some mountains roar others don’t,

everything is all so odd,

yet so beautifully layered.

layered in beautiful patterns,

lovely feathers,

warm fur,

different colors,

different seasons,

different dimensions,

maybe a little odd, but is it different?

because everything that sits on this universe seems to just exist except for the human race.

why are we so different?

we can’t be special,

because how can we?

man is the enemy,

not only is he an enemy to all existence but to himself as well,

and yet man…

the creator of god,

curator of the universe,

he who has baptized all existence,

he who wrote the commandments,

he who set up the system,

the creator of all technology and all ruin,

the builder of heaven and hell,

the creator of all language,

the giver of names and roles,

he who’ll never stop trying to outdo that which he can’t understand,

can’t seem to even decide whether to love or not.

a calf is born and in just a few hours he’s already trying his new feet,

it seems to take days for animals to settle in,

and yet it takes 9 months for man to be born,

months to stand, sit, crawl, walk, or say the first real word,

it takes years before man can actually and really take care of himself,

and it takes years before man can accomplish ‘anything important’,

yet for some reason,

man still believes himself superior.

why is man so different?

why does everything else around man seems to just exist yet the mind of a man crumbles afresh each day?

why can’t I keep singing even when I’m sad?

and why do I even have these emotions?

why am I thinking about this?

does it make sense?

because it sure as hell makes no sense to me 🤦‍♀️

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