Down a Bush, in Gilgil, I learned a few Things………..


That Last Post-Post 101, well, I guess that was bull!! 😊

I think it is kinda safe to say that I am back or that I am thinking about it. How you doing? What has this year been like to you? Are you washing your hands and wearing your mask?

I bet whatever season you are in…. you’ve had days where the hottest cup of coffee in your favorite café is the best thing ever, or you’ve had to say goodbye to friends who meant the world to you, or you just met that girl who gives you butterflies and makes your blood run wild, or you just needed your heart to grow a muscle, so you find yourself in a bush for a couple of days….it doesn’t matter. You’re here now, and that matters!

Some days are long, some days too short, some days…you can’t even recount, but there those days…those days when you need all your others to come together for a somber, yet impromptu meeting. And yes, sometimes you need to be away from everything to get this “muktano” productive.


For, me the wild has always been some kind of solace. Some sort of home, where I feel loved and appreciated, where I am allowed to be who I really am, and where I need to be when I can’t breathe no more.

Yet sometimes, it takes a little pain to get those wheels of confidence and self-love running to discover a thing or two about love as you grow older. Sometimes, you find warmth in a place where the nights are embracive yet so cold for a warm getaway.

Sometimes, that’s precisely the place you need to be in that moment in time to realize that you need to open those eyes a little. Well, I needed a bush, I needed a place of solitude, and I found a bush in Gilgil.

Malewa Bush Ventures. But before we get to that….do you ever just sit down and wonder just how much you’ve been lying to yourself?

We convince ourselves of so much just to get through the days. Hold back tears that should have been shed ages ago. Declined to give apologies because your pride cannot allow you to face the truth. We do whatever it takes to feel like one more day is a bit more bearable.

But no matter how much you lie to yourself, there comes a time, and you have no choice but, to be honest with yourself. A time when you realize how we sometimes lie to ourselves to get what we want; little things, big things – anything to get what we want.

I guess there is nothing wrong with that because you have to survive. But there is something about being honest with yourself that gives you freedom, release, and peace. At a time when my heart tattered, when sleep and appetite seemed a bit too far-fetched for me….I found a bush in Gilgil, and here is what I learned:


Malewa Bush Ventures is More Than Just a Bush Camp

When I rampaged my google looking for camps best suited for a getaway in Naivasha… I came across Malewa Bush Ventures. All I wanted was a place I could get away for a few days and get my thoughts in order, face reality.

I didn’t expect that this camp provided more than that. Well, other than the fact that Malewa Bush Ventures provides school adventures, team building programs, youth programs, hostile environment training, amongst events and accommodation facilities, it is also a beautiful masterpiece in the Great Rift Valley.

For me, Malewa Bush Camp was where my heart grew a muscle. It was where I realized that sometimes we can give too much and not realize that we are stealing from our own reservoirs. Where I realized that some things just need to be over. Not because you want them to be, but because they have to be.


From the minute I got to the camp to the minute I left, I felt protected and safe, appreciated, and cared for. The workers have the kindest of hearts and will go to whatever lengths to make sure that whatever you need is provided to you.

On my second day in the camp, they made sure I could get on the top of Ndia ya Njaa Gorge, for a small camp in the suburbs of Gilgil…that was some experience. On the third, I was able to safely get to Mt. Longonot, and when I got back with the guest, they were more than kind to make sure that they all had a good time.


In the thickest of trees, loving environment, and the bright night sky, I decided to realize when I was making decisions for all the wrong reasons. To decide wisely on my intentions before actualization. It was where I choose a beautiful slow dance for my heart, abandoning all the other chaos.

Under those trees, the river’s rhythm, the serenity of nature, and the night’s melodies, I realized that just like everything, the truth comes with consequences, repercussions. Sometimes it’s painful, but sometimes its pure joy. Sometimes, it’s exactly the push you need.

In this Bush Camp, I learned a lot from the nature around me. That sometimes, cactus will bear flowers for you to see, and sometimes it will appear just as is. I guess it depends on the season.

Six days in that camp ended up being six phases of a life that i never quite paid attention to. I guess that is what you get from an environment like that – blissful realizations. I left better than I came, happier, lighters, and having accepted of things that had so soon come to an end.


Don’t Be Afraid To Do It Alone.

We compromise so so much just so we don’t have to do this thing called life alone. From a very young age, the need to ask for help is insisted upon us. But is it always the best decision to make?

Yes, I see how you need people…but I also know how some journeys and battles are meant to be taken alone. How some battles can only be won if you have the confidence to face it alone.

No, we are never alone, yet, sometimes, we are. Sometimes we are!

Is that a bad thing, though? I don’t think so. If I wanted to share my heart with you…would it grow stronger? Would it beat faster? Would it guide me better? Would it?

You need to face some battles alone if you want to win them.

If It’s On Your Bucketlist…..Do It Already


For a while now…I had all the intentions of doing Mt. Longonot. It was on my bucketlist. While I was in Malewa and Bucketlist Adventures was doing a hiking trip to Mt. Longonot all the way to the floor of the crater (And yes, they hacked it)…I figured, Gillgil ain’t too far…I can do it.

Well, I wasn’t among those who went to the floor…..but I conquered the damn thing and went around the crater. And I think I did well. Ha!


If you live in Kenya or just visiting, Bucketlist Adventures will tickle all your outdoor gibbers. Munyaka Njiru is incredibly very daring, yet so resourceful. He is also the to-go-to guy if you want to meet dope ass peeps, and I mean that.

And well, those two nights his team camped at Malewa exposed to a whole new breed of people I never would have known otherwise. Those two nights were also very defining moments for my trip (a story for another day).

I met people who valued the trails like they value their homes, cars and families. People who life on the edge and are not to try anything that gives them more life. And I met people whom I intend to keep in my life.


Listen to That Flesh Beating Behind Your Chest!

Yes! Listen to your heart. Even when it’s breaking, confused, or happy, listen to that flesh locked behind your chest area. Listen to it!


We fail to pay attention, maybe because we need to be more in tuned….. but we fail to do and then it bites us in the ass!

So if you wanna get the babe….write that damn book…..go back to therapy… some more…read some more….run some more – it doesn’t matter, just do it!

Just Do It!

In the same sense athletes realize the importance of listening to their bodies and know when to back off a little and rest, your heart needs that. If you could just listen to it…you might just take a step back and give it what it needs.


Yesterday was Heavy… Put It Down!

You need to let it go. And know this doesn’t that you refuse to take responsibility for things that happen today, but it does mean that you shouldn’t let that steal your joy.

Yesterday can get so heavy that there is no joy left to give today. Put it down and let that shit go! So you failed that driving test, so you realized there was never love in that one relationship you thought was true, so you lost that job who kinda loved so much, so your car broke down and a time when there isn’t a single dime in your account, so life can get it……..whatever it is, PUT IT DOWN!

Even that tree in your backyard grew a new leaf today, someone was just conceived last night, you were talking with them yesterday and they died today….this thing called life keeps moving. It doesn’t wait for you … it goes and never stops.


Going to the woods is going home.

Someone said “In every walk with nature, One receives far more than they seek.”

After hiking for a while this year, nature feels like home for sure. Whenever I feel like am losing precious days. Or like I am degenerating into a machine for making money. Or when I realize that I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I find that I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news.

Catch up with what the universe gives you oh so freely. And though man will charge you to experience that which is given to you free- it is sometimes a very small price to pay.

Doubly happy, however, is the man to whom lofty mountain tops are within reach. ~ John Muir


This year, the mountains have taught me that you are in the mountains, the mountains are in you. So go home and keep close to Nature’s heart, and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

So go to the woods, for there you will find rest. There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. Of all the upness accessible to mortals, there is no upness comparable to the mountains.

And into the forest, go, lose your mind and find your soul!

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