Ngong Hills: A Very Windy, Foggy, Cold Experience

Hikes are always better with company.

It was third time in Ngong hills. Nothing like the first two times especially in terms of the time and weather. The last two times, the weather had always been gracious and I had never gone all the way to Kona Baridi and back, and the last two times I definitely never had to deal with the wind and fog that was apparent this time.

Even the guard acknowledge that it was extra windy that day

It was a whole new Ngong hills experience. For the first time Ngong actually felt like a real hike.

The best hikes are graced with smiles, laughter, and love.

From the minute we stepped out of the car…it’s was obvious it was going to be a cold morning up those hills. I’ve always done Ngong hills in the sun so this was so freaking new to me. Cold, fog, brutal wind, drizzles here and there, the heck? What’s even worse is that I never quite noticed the wind mills moving before. This time, I just had to notice these sharp blades cutting through wind like they were on a horror movie mission.

Even with heavy wind, say cheese 🙂

I was in the company of four lovely babes, one gaurd, and some good music blasting from a tiny little speaker a friend had brought along.

Massages and Snacks

We started from the gate and had to trek through a fog so thick you literally watched people walk past you and disappear in the fog. What made the trek even more treacherous was the wind. The wind was so strong each one of us had to get out their wind breakers in order to survive the sting. Before we even started with the first hill I just couldn’t fathom why I had to leave a very cozy loving bed only to come and reap a cold from these hills.

There was something enchanting about this part.

But girls needed a hike, and this was the struggle we chose. It doesn’t help that climbing those hills ain’t no easy feat. By hill two, I wanted to give up. However, seeing that I intend to do Mt. Kinangop this coming weekend, this was a perfect prepping hike.

Going up is always the easy part, going down sucks for the knees

When people think Ngong Hills, they think KenGen and well a very easy hike. This time these hills didn’t feel easy at all. It felt almost as though my body was being punished for not being fit enough and like my lungs were trying to prove their worth. Oh the number of times I whispered living words to these features.

Views when the fog started to clear up

By the time we had gotten to hill 5 it was still cold but at least our bodies had kind of gotten used to the struggle. From hill 7 you proceed to Kona Baridi and boy oh boy there is a reason this section is coined Cold Corner. The wind was so freaking strong that there were times I felt like it was going to toss me off those stones. It’s a satisfactory feeling to get all the way to this point but a very stabbing sense of frustration when you imagine that you have to trace back.

Hoping to know the secrets of the forest

But first, lunch and some fun stories. Thankfully it was starting to get sunny and now one could enjoy the beautiful sceneries off of these hills. Our speaker had died off way before we even got to hill 5 and so stories were crucial. Sometimes silence was needed to save some energy but what made the trek back so interesting was the laughter and of course some sun.

Enchanted tree.

Though I kid you not, by the time we had gotten to hill three it was already decided that we weren’t going to trek all the way to the gate. So when we got to a point where we could score boda bodas we all jumped on that opportunities like our legs were begging to be carried….and they were.

The best thing that happened here was scoring boda bodas

7 hills, Kona Baridi trek and back…. We were beat. The only thing I could think of was getting home, a hot shower, some good food in the best company ever, and some cuddles. We had started the hike at 7:40 am and we finished at 4:00 pm. However, this was meant to be a slow hike. And that’s exactly how we did it, slow.

Good times! Good prepping!

Ngong Hills: easy hike (some days), cheap hike, and best suited for family, friends, and lovers 😉 so try it sometime if you haven’t, take your kids too as punishment for failing to do their assignments 😜.

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