2020 and Other Disastrous Short Stories

We’re Almost in 2021!

If you’re reading this; Congratulations! You survived 2020.

Sincerely speaking, I feel like 2020 lasted more than 365 years emotionally, less than 12 months physically, barely any number of months economically, and well, the exact number of months spiritually.

Let’s agree to disagree that 2020 has been unlike other years we recall or have lived through. A lot has happened this year.

Remember early this year when people were making memes about WW3? Or when the Pentagon actually released UFO videos, and no one talked about it? Or when the climate turned against us? Or when people thought that the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jonh-un was dead? And when a 17-year discovered a new planet? When a star went missing? Or when a Simpson-head-looking virus brought the entire world to a halt?


I bet you forgot some of the other traumatizing events 2020 brought upon us because news stations and newspapers worldwide have mostly majored on the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes! 2020 has been some year, and it will go down in the history books as one of the years where everyone and everything in the world came to a stand-still.

Most of us have had to learn the hard that quarantine time distortion is actually a real thing, and that time is just a human construct that has slowly been losing all meaning. With isolation and the unending onslaught of world-ending news, some of us literally lost track of time. It didn’t matter what day or month, or holiday it was; in fact, for the first time in history, even 420 was a lost concept.

I was doing laundry this morning and couldn’t help but go through 2020 in my head. It’s a day before the end of 2020, but my mind couldn’t help but wonder about everything that happened this year. So much has happened in what is supposed to be a 12-month time collapse. For instance:

Nature Brutally Reminded us that it a force to be reckoned with.

Natural Disasters Shook the World

In the first months of this year, I was actually starting to believe that this was the year that our ancestors warned us about. When catastrophic natural disasters caused thousands of deaths and billions of losses, I was actually pretty scared for humanity.

In my own country, at a time when Corona was just setting foot and building camp in our planet, some of us were dying from ferocious floods. Men, women, and children lost their lives. Families lost their homes, and institutions went down in a matter of seconds. There was death, there was pain, there was loss, there was grief, there was fear, and yet, all that mattered to the media, and ministries was this life-threatening virus that was shaking up the entire globe.

A word of prayer for all the men, women, and children we lost in the floods

To-date most of these families have nowhere to live, kids have nowhere to go to school, and some families will take years to recover, and yet no one is talking about it. Remember the Australian bushfires? The record-breaking hurricane that took a toll on America’s economy? The devastating floods in Indonesia that destroyed their capital and that of their neighboring areas?  The earthquakes in the Caribbean, Turkey, Russia, Iran, India, China, and Philippines? The Cyclone Amphan that created havoc in Bangladesh and India? Floods in China, Japan, and India? The Europe Windstorm?

Or when locusts swarmed East Africa and parts of Asia & India? The volcano eruption in the Philippines? Or when the Antarctica Snow turned Green? I mean…on top of losing humanity due to the pandemic, we have lost more lives, including those of animals, in so many disasters in just a single year. In just 365 days! And I haven’t even mentioned all the catastrophes here. Crazy huh?

UFO is not so much a of a myth anymore

The Pentagon Actually Released Three UFO Videos

For the longest time, UFOs have been dismissed as a myth and figment of people’s imaginations. Then Lo and Behold – the U.S. Department of Defense released three navy videos of UFOs. This was actually one of the strangest things 2020 was swerving at me.

Weirdly enough – even though the concept of UFOs has been dismissed for all these years, these videos have actually been around for some time—one since 2007 and the other two since 2017. But when the Pentagon confirmed that these videos were actually real, I no longer doubt unidentified flying objects’ authenticity. It makes me wonder? What or who else is out there?

Here is a better pic of North Korea than Kim Jong-Un😅

Then People Actually Thought Kim Jong-un was Dead

For a short period in April, we actually sort-of believed that Kim Jong-un, the Korean Dictator was actually dead. In fact, the supreme leader sort-of fueled the speculation that he was either very ill or dead when he missed Kim II-Sung’s commemoration, his grandfather.

Of course, the internet went wild and created lots of memes concerning this despite no media confirmation about Kim’s death. The rumor came to die 20 days later after he reemerged at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The state media releasing the photos may have confirmed he’s alive, but people still maintained skepticism over his health.

Poor Chap!😂

President Trump was Impeached, Then Acquitted, and Then Lost The Presidential Elections

Poor Trump! I bet this was one of the hardest years for him too; on top of making dump decisions and drowning America into an economic pitfall while instigation more violence and racism in the country, he was being impeached. The poor guy was being impeached on two charges: obstruction of Congress and abuse of power.

Lucky for him, he was then acquitted on Feb 5th on both accounts, but then again, Trump eventually got trumped with the election declaring Joe Biden as the President-Elect. Remember during his campaign when he claimed that it would be so embracing to lose to Joe Biden and if he did, he might have to leave the country? Well, I’m sorta waiting to see how that goes next year.

These memes were hilarious!!🤣🤣

People Literary Made World War 3 Memes

This was part of the thrill of January this year. Remember when President Trump ordered a U.S Drone strike on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani? Well, this was right about the time when we all realized that Trump could possibly ignite another global conflict and the people on the net went ham with WW3 memes.

It was hard to log on to social media without coming across tons of WW3 memes, and considering the virus’s onset in most countries. I couldn’t help but admire the gallows humor of the internet. We laughed through the pain of potential nuclear annihilation. And like sweet summer kids, we actually didn’t know that the real global threat was right around the corner.

You just gatta love these two!!😍

Meghan Mackle Literary Shook Up the Royal Family

Not only did this beautiful, black, divorcee woman get herself married to Prince Harry, becoming the Duchess of Sussex, she bore him a child and got him to leave the palace. I mean, even I can’t believe it. In January, these two sweethearts announced that they were not only giving up their royal titles, but they were also intending to be financially independent from the royal family.

And, of course, many blamed the black woman for breaking up the British monarchy. Touché! With the Ex-Sussexes now living in California and having signed a multi-year deal with Netflix, I guess the prince and the princess still get their happily ever after.

Black Lives Matter✊

The Black Lives Matter Movement Became Even More Significant

Racism has always been America’s original sin, and even amongst all the disasters the world was going through, the sin continued to extend beyond America. The triggering occurrence was George Floyd’s death, a 46-year-old black man arrested in Minneapolis and eventually killed after the arresting officers kept his knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 15 seconds. I know, Crazy!

More African Americans died in the hands of those who are appointed to “protect and serve” the country. There followed more police killings of other African Americans, including Breonna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice. But it was the video of Floyd’s death that triggered protects across America and sparked the long-overdue national conversation about systemic racism.

The best part was that the fight for justice and equality went far beyond U.S. borders; from Nairobi to Paris to Rio de Janeiro, people took to the streets to highlight racial inequalities and t protest Floyd’s death. Sad times. Sad times.

Even space got a taste of 2020

It Was a Weird Year for Space Too

Remember that 17-year-old high school NASA intern who discovered a new planet on his third day. I know, what were you doing when you were 17? Anyway, the planet- TOI 1338 b, is said to be 6.9 times larger than Earth, is 1300 light-years away, and orbits two stars instead of one every 95 days. As a Star Wars fan, this was actually pretty exciting for me because it kind of felt like Luke Skywalker’s homeworld of Tatooine, the one with double sunsets.

On top of this discovery, it was also discovered that a giant star had seemingly disappeared. Scientists think that the star could have collapsed into a black hole instead of exploding as a supernova. Yeah, this is just spooky men.

Brexit Actually Happened

Lest we forget, U.K. officially broke up with the European Union. Yap! That did happen.

A moment of silence to our fallen solders😭🙏

We Lost Titanic Legends

Wow, we have lost so many legends this year it’s literary hard to keep up. We lost legendary L.A. Lakers player Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, among others, in a plane crash in Calabasas on Jan 26. We also witnessed the deaths of civil rights revolutionaries Ruth Bader and John Lewis, blues icon Little Richard, beloved Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, and, lest we forget, iconic Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman among other legends. 2020 has been, overall, a draining year.

May we all survive this next year!🤞

And Of Course, The Pandemic!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taught all of us that even the things that start small can eventually reshape the world in ways you couldn’t fathom. Very few people thought that this was going to be a serious disaster when news of the virus emerged in China in December last year.

But when China reported their first death and the virus managed to spread in other countries, our lives changed. We saw our counties implement lockdowns and curfews that had us locked in our homes for months’ end.

Millions of people have died as a result of the pandemic, the global economy was sputtered, and the poverty rates have spiked in the majority of the affected countries. And even though this year is ending with the discovery of a vaccine, we still can’t help but feel the effects of the pandemic.

This too shall pass!🙏

I have had to watch some of my friends lose their loved ones and jobs. Some having to move back to their maternal homes and villages because they couldn’t survive anymore. We have seen our kids stay at home with no school for more than seven months. And even though parents now appreciate schools and teachers’ efforts, most of our kids, especially teens, have strayed this year.

There is still uncertainty about the pandemic with news of a third strain, but as we welcome the New Year, everyone wishes that this alien virus could just disappear. I mean, can you believe that no one even remembered 420 this year? I mean, this pandemic has messed with our sense of time, reality, and memory, and even worse, sobriety.

I explored depths of nature I never did before

And Yet, This Has Been My Best Year Yet

I haven’t mentioned half of the shit the world has gone through in 2020. It’s a lot! And yet, this year wasn’t the worst for everyone, including me.

While I can’t help but recognize that 2020 has been quite the bug, I can’t ignore the fact that this year was also a monumental year for me. Honestly, this has been my best year yet. The lessons have been needed and powerful. The steps I have taken have played a monumental role in shaping the person I am right.

At the beginning of the year, I lived in a remote village, with a shamba and an own-compound mansion, eating from my own farm. I was only starting to settle in my freelance, simple, farm, village life, and I loved it.

I have never been a city girl. I like the fresh air, the farms, the trees, the mud, the cold air; I love the simplicity of living in the village. And so, when I got government employment later, 20 days into the year, I wasn’t quite ready for the shift. I didn’t want to leave my house or farm, I didn’t want to leave my life there, but then who surpasses insurances and job security?

And so, 28 days into the year, I had to move to a new town and settle into a new job. Like every fresh start bears with its challenges, mine wasn’t an exception. While I absolutely love my new job, I didn’t quite fancy the work environment. It was hard, and I was almost caving into depression before the government declared that schools be closed.

I have learned the most invaluable lessons this year!

In my head, I figured this would only last a month or two, but seven months later, I was still working from home, and honestly, it was just the break I needed. During that break, I did the things I love. The things that give me joy. I read more. I ran more. I hiked more. I camped more. I journaled more. I went back to blogging. My health improved. My relationship with my daughter grew up even more potent. And the highlight of it all, I found love, and love found me. I found happiness and peace, and I learned how to remain calm in times of turmoil.

More people have also learned something from this period. Yes! We all suffered a universal pandemic, but we also found strength in one another. We appreciated the essence of life like never before. We appreciated the little things in life that we never got a chance to explore more. We stood with our loved ones even when times were hand.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

This year, in one or another, we have learned love and patience. So yeah, even though 2020 felt like a series of disastrous short stories, we’ve learned that sometimes our worlds can shake so hard and still be what we need to understand certain fundamentals of life. We have learned that it doesn’t matter if you’re white or black, rich or poor, old or young because even something as minute as a Simpson-head virus can kill off just about anyone.

We have learned that life is for living now and only now. We have never felt so uncertain about tomorrow like we did this year, which has made us tap into our spirituality like never before. We lost some this year, but in one or another, we also gained some.

While depressing and draining, this year taught us important lessons. It shook us so hard to snap out of our comforts. This year has made us appreciate our families, friends, and loved ones. It has made us appreciate nature and all life. It has made us find joy in the smallest of things and made us want to be better. And while we all eagerly wait for the death of 2020, let’s not forget that it was an important year too.

May 2021 Bring Thee That Which 2020 Couldn’t. Love and Light!🙏

Hey, how about we all just sleep into 2021. Maybe the virus will also go to sleep and never wake up again. No? Well, I hope you got some lessons out of this disastrous year, and I wish you all a better 2021. Remain hopeful, even though hope can be a bad thing – it’s what we all need right now.

Cheers to what has been one heck of a year, and Happy New Year Folks!

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  1. Great read… “I feel like 2020 lasted more than 365 years emotionally, less than 12 months physically, barely any number of months economically, and well, the exact number of months spiritually” well said…


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