The Last Post! Post 101

Catherine Yesterday, I spent half my day in the hospital, and most of my day literally puking my guts out. I was seated someplace outside after having spent hours hooked to an IV, and this woman approached me. Catherine is her name. Like every concerned Human, she wanted to know why I was crying. I... Continue Reading →

Er! How Much Time Are We Talking About?

Dear Therapist, When you tell me to give myself time, how much time are talking about? I mean, you've taken time and you've gone through your Julia Roberts "Eat, Pray, Love" moment. You feel like you've made progress. Your challenges and struggles have only made your stronger. You've thrived through your dark moments and even... Continue Reading →

The Mayfly Of It All!

George Crabble compared the brief life of newspapers to that of a mayfly because they are only meant to live for a day. After this day is done, Today's newspaper will only serve as a historical relic. I find it baffling that hours are spent to bring to us what is inadvertently happening in our... Continue Reading →

How Do You Do It?

That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt - John Green How do you go from liking your own space, to tears welling up and missing them all the damn time? How do you just pick up the pieces after everything was relentlessly reduced to dust? How do you just live through life's... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I feel like an amateur living in an already existing world!!! I feel like everyone has got it figured out, you know, I feel like they've chosen a niche in this already fucked up world and I'm still trying to figure my shit out!! Do you know how many times I've been labelled emotional,... Continue Reading →

Start of Something Good

Like a subtle reminder, she felt herself crown back into her new skin. She felt the old skin shed bit by bit, inch by inch, like a snake crowning into a new scale. She felt her heart beat freely and loudly, she felt her blood flow so slickly through her veins, she felt her stomach... Continue Reading →

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