Love is Life

Love is life. All we all want since the minute we are put in our parent's hands, the minute we see our first light, the minute we draw our first breath, the minute we open our eyes for our first time, make a sound laced in that beautiful sound of a newborn child, from that... Continue Reading →

Hope for The Deserts

There is so much wrong and so much evil in the world. Ten minutes into watching the News and there is so much political scandal, so much death. Fathers killing there wives and kids, wives mutilating their husbands, teachers beating up students, students doing the despicable and so on .... The world has become one... Continue Reading →

I’m Learning to Appreciate Sadness

Sadness, a condition of unhappiness that crops up when we go through tough times, experience loss, going through a heartbreak, and sometimes when we are lonely. The more I grow, the more I realize that sadness isn't so such a bad thing. Not for me at least! I actually think that for you to truly... Continue Reading →

What Loss Reminds You

Loss! It reminds you that life is not an art meant to be taken for granted, It reminds you that you need to make the most of what you have because you never really know if your demise is near! It reminds you that "the heart wants what it wants" is just a phrase people... Continue Reading →

Box Of Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolate. you never know what you're gonna get~ Forrest Gump It is, isn't it? All but a box of chocolate, Different stuff, different experiences, different phrases, different everything in fractions of undefined time. Fractions of uncertainty, fractions of uncertain tomorrows, With numbers in the form of humans, but one... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Exes

Its just a Sunday, Mellow Sunday, I know I'm sad, and I know its deep rooted, I know its okay to be sad, Yet I know I don't want to be sad anymore I know why I am sad, And I know why the sadness keeps creeping back each time I want to move forward.... Continue Reading →

Matatu Joys

Don't you just love how easy people lie in a matatu. It's fun to listen to them ramble on on and on about how far they are yet that's not the case. The best of all however the best scenario is when the liar gets busted. That was the case in my matatu today. So her... Continue Reading →

Musically In-tuned

Interesting morning! I want to blame the  cold weather, cold is always a soothing pleasure that compels me to remain tucked in the comfort of my sheets and duvets. Delightful pleasure! Normally, when go I to work I quiver and shiver in my skin, Today however, I can not seem to notice the damned cold.... Continue Reading →

What Do We Own (part 1)?

I have been watching The Crown, British series that tries to bring to light how Queen Elizabeth rose to the crown. Insightful series, a lot would say! However, there is particularly one episode (ep 2) that has proved something in me tonight. The Queen is in Kenya, Nairobi to be precise and she adamantly states... Continue Reading →

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