Love is Life

Love is life. All we all want since the minute we are put in our parent’s hands, the minute we see our first light, the minute we draw our first breath, the minute we open our eyes for our first time, make a sound laced in that beautiful sound of a newborn child, from that … Continue reading Love is Life

Hope for The Deserts

There is so much wrong and so much evil in the world. Ten minutes into watching the News and there is so much political scandal, so much death. Fathers killing there wives and kids, wives mutilating their husbands, teachers beating up students, students doing the despicable and so on …. The world has become one … Continue reading Hope for The Deserts


Almost! Almost feelings! Almost friends! Almost lover! Almost successful! We all have found ourselves in the river of almost! Almost! Almost! At some point in your life, Just some point, you said, “Technically, we didn’t date!” “He’s technically an ex-boyfriend” “She was an ex-something” An ex-example, An ex-almost! Like parallel lines, always so close, never … Continue reading Almost!


Reflection Galore 2 This notion of self-love!!! Bugs my mind, The world of social media has mandated to flood all timelines with nude photos in the misconstrued notion of self-love, You have a little cellulite, a little stretch marks…acne..or whatever, Don’t worry babe, take a photo, show the world these ‘flaws’, #selflove #iloveme #ilovemybody, Funny! … Continue reading Self-love?