Almost! Almost feelings! Almost friends! Almost lover! Almost successful! We all have found ourselves in the river of almost! Almost! Almost! At some point in your life, Just some point, you said, “Technically, we didn’t date!” “He’s technically an ex-boyfriend” “She was an ex-something” An ex-example, An ex-almost! Like parallel lines, always so close, never … Continue reading Almost!


Reflection Galore 2 This notion of self-love!!! Bugs my mind, The world of social media has mandated to flood all timelines with nude photos in the misconstrued notion of self-love, You have a little cellulite, a little stretch marks…acne..or whatever, Don’t worry babe, take a photo, show the world these ‘flaws’, #selflove #iloveme #ilovemybody, Funny! … Continue reading Self-love?

Box Of Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolate. you never know what you’re gonna get~ Forrest Gump It is, isn’t it? All but a box of chocolate, Different stuff, different experiences, different phrases, different everything in fractions of undefined time. Fractions of uncertainty, fractions of uncertain tomorrows, With numbers in the form of humans, but one … Continue reading Box Of Chocolates

Quirky Thoughts

There was a random discussion about Patriotism at my place of work today. One of my colleagues was trying to explain to us how some of our leaders are not patriotic. I have been told time and again that my brain goes wild and chews deep on information till its out of control:-) Basically I … Continue reading Quirky Thoughts

Auctioned Demons

Why was she auctioned with this demon to bid? She always wonders. She was a puppet to them, dangling her from limb to limb, Days, weeks, months, years passed on by, She has no tears left to cry. Drinking here, smoking there, that was her source of solace. She died of shame a little, with … Continue reading Auctioned Demons

Matatu Joys

Don’t you just love how easy people lie in a matatu. It’s fun to listen to them ramble on on and on about how far they are yet that’s not the case. The best of all however the best scenario is when the liar gets busted.┬áThat was the case in my matatu today. So her … Continue reading Matatu Joys